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The fishing village of Baltimore in West Cork sits near the very southern tip of Ireland on the beautiful southwest coast and the 'Wild Atlantic Way'. Slightly off the main tourist trail, Baltimore has retained its friendly village atmosphere yet still has plenty to offer the holidaymaker. You won't find any shopping malls here, just lots of high-quality accommodation and great places to eat and drink. Across a superb natural harbour lie Carbery's Hundred Isles, including the enchanting islands of Cape Clear, Sherkin and Heir, all served by ferry from the pier.

Baltimore's history has always been shaped by the sea, so much so that in 1631 much of the population was carried off by pirates never to be seen again – an event known as the Sack of Baltimore. The castle of Dún na Séad (fort of the jewels) from which the village takes its Irish name was also sacked by seaborne invaders more than once in its long career. Happily, the village recovered fully from these early setbacks and today the labyrinth of creeks and islands which was once the haunt of pirates is a playground for seafarers of a more peaceful kind.

Water-based activities like sailing, angling, diving, and whale watching are what now draw many visitors to Baltimore and the Isles. But there is also plenty to enjoy without leaving dry land, including an eclectic mix of festivals and other events right through the season. So in the bars and restaurants at the end of the day confirmed landlubbers rub shoulders with people who have spent it on (or perhaps under) the ocean!


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